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PERTRUBATSIYA – Russian-wide engineering company specialized at pipe systems technology designed of PE-RT type II material for district heating and hot water supply.

«Our daily and strategical business cases are based on the "Russian Energy Strategy 2030" Part VI n. 9 "Heating", approved by the Federal Government in November 13, 2009 under 1715-p and signed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

PERTRUBATSIYA mission: Being an important part of the overall work to improve life in our country, improving the quality of heat supply and reducing the environmental damage of industrial enterprises.

PERTRUBATSIYA goals: Wide introduction of PE-RT Type II pipes technology (polyethylene of raised temperature resistance) on the whole territory of Russia in the complete set additional products. Raising the general level of knowledge of experts involved.

PERTRUBATSIYA objectives: Professional consulting at supply, assembling and exploitation of new and renovated pipe systems of heating. International level support for customer. Working in cooperation and partnership with industrial leaders.